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Motorised Fire Prevention in Edmonton School


Fire prevention lessons must not be learned the hard way!

Every day, thousands of school children, parents, and guests visit Edmonton County School in north London. With this high volume of people in the building, the school needs to provide a robust fire prevention regime for the protection of all occupants. Vulnerable areas such as reception can be susceptible to accidental or malicious fires. To combat this risk, an Envirograf® Product 90 motorised fire and smoke drop curtain was supplied by Fire Prevention Products (London) Ltd, to provide the school with up to 80 minutes of protection from either a fire starting in the reception office or in the corridor immediately outside the office. The motorised curtain is designed to descend when the fire alarm has been activated. The curtain will hold back the fire and allow ample time for people to use escape routes. When the risk of fire has passed, the fire alarm can be turned off and the curtain can be retracted into its smart overhead casing. Prevention is better than cure!

Products used

Automatic Fire and Smoke Curtain


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