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Perfect Partners at Gosfield Hall


Door fire protection products used at Gosfield Hall, Essex

The elegant Gosfield Hall, Essex is considered by many to be an ideal setting for a wedding reception, anniversary party, or formal party. The sumptuous refurbished suites and impressive entrance hall are a constant reminder of the tasteful restoration to its original condition.

The venue is operated by County House Weddings of Ross-on-Wye. With a high volume of guests in the hall every year, the local authority had to ensure that every effort had been made to protect occupants in the event of a fire. This involved fireproofing the glazed areas and upgrading many original doors.

Architect Rob Wood contacted local fire consultant Vic Lewis of Fire Prevention Products (Essex and Suffolk) to find a cost-effective solution to fire protection of exit doors to comply with current fire regulations, without the nuisance and expense of replacement.

For the glazed corridor areas of the hall, Vic suggested the use of Envirograf® Product 79 (softwood intumescent glazing beads offering up to 30 minutes of fire protection). The old doors were upgraded to fire-rated doors with a combination of Envirograf® Product 38 (firecard
and intumescent sheet) and Product 42 (HW coatings system).

Envirograf® Product 69 (surfacemounted fire/smoke seals) were used for flexibility on uneven door frames and to avoid the need for rebating. Envirograf® Product 13 (intumescent pipe collars) were also used where door handles were recessed into wooden wall panels.

Products used

Intumescent collarPanelled door fire upgrade kitsIntumescent Paint for Wood (HW System)Retrofit acoustic seal - Surface mounted sealsGlazing bead system for fire doors and screens


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Envirograf ® products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres.

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