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Intumescent Ventilation Grilles used in Crown Pools

MG ventilation grilles used to protect Crown Pools in Ipswich.

35-MG-grilles-on-Crown-Pool2Public swimming pools use chemicals for filtration purposes, and their storage areas are located within the pool’s building. The maintenance staff of Crown Pools in Ipswich, store chemicals in locked areas and are aware of the need to provide safe ventilation in the stores environment and effective protection against fire risk – both important safety requirements for all local authorities. This dual protection can be provided by one unique product, Envirograf® Product 35 metal ventilation grille (MG), available in brown, stainless steel, or white finishes. Crown Pools called in RG Carter Building Contractors of Ipswich to source the product, and they contacted fire consultant Vic Lewis of Fire Prevention Products (Essex & Suffolk) to supply the grilles. The grille stays open for ventilation with no need for electrical connection, but the vent openings seal completely in a fire to form an efficient barrier against both fire and smoke, offering integrity up to 73 minutes, even if fitted on one side only.

Products used

MG intumescent ventilation grilles (slotted)


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