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Roof Barrier System for St Mark’s Hospital

Installation of suspended ceiling barriers at St Mark’s Hospital

Hospitals and their trusts have been trying to both complete new building works and update existing buildings to the correct fire rating. It’s imperative for buildings to provide compartmentation and protection to their evacuation routes.

Recently, Envirograf had been in contact with a number of different hospitals, offering our services for help with these works and also for protection to the structural parts of these buildings.

After some consideration, it was deemed necessary to protect the ground floor including wards, corridors and other public spaces from a large roof void in one of the hospital’s buildings. The roof void contains many services that serve the rest of the hospital, however, is only separated to the ground floor by a suspended ceiling. This suspended ceiling has a class 0 rating, meaning that within 13 minutes, the tile would burn through allowing flame penetration between compartments.

With this in mind, it was decided that the hospital along with Envirograf, would install Product 152 – Suspended Ceiling Barrier, over the top of each tile in order to upgrade the protection to over 1-hour protection.

The product is made with a cloth and an acoustic sponge and can be ordered in a number of sizes. In this particular job, each barrier was resized to fit the tile it was being fitted over, and this was achieved without compromising the integrity of the barrier.

These items are fitted into the ‘T’Bars’ of the existing aluminium framework that the ceiling tiles are already attached to. This provides fire protection but also the acoustic protection under Document E of UK Building Regulations. Please note that if downlights are installed into the suspended ceiling, this can also be protected from a fire and an acoustic standpoint, using our Product 32 – Intumescent Downlighter Covers which can be made to size and are designed to sit on top of the suspended ceiling barrier to maintain the full protection to the compartment in question.

One of the installers on this project commented on the works that they carried out, and said, ‘these barriers were so easy to fit, we had to cut down the sizes slightly for some barriers in order to get a tight fit in the bars, however, the materials were ready on-site before we got the job started which gives us great encouragement to order products from this company again with their prompt response to the needs we had.’

Envirograf prides themselves for 40 years in being able to fulfil the expectations of contractors and deliver quality products, made in Britain, in a fast time.


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