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Intumescent downlighter covers and cages

Product 32

Regular Downlighter Cover

A range of fire resistant covers for light fittings and downlights

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A range of fire rated intumescent-lined, woven glass fabric covers and rigid metal cages for lights and downlighters. Providing a fire seal so as to maintain integrity and fire rating of a ceiling. Easily fitted from above or below in plasterboard or suspended ceilings. Also available in an acoustic form which prevents sound spreading through the structure.


– Maintains the fire rating of plasterboard or suspended ceilings rated up to 4 hours
– Available in standard and acoustic forms, preventing sound transfer from different floors of a building up to 63dB
– Can be made to accommodate downlighters alone, or downlighter/transformer combos
– Downlighter cages are a sturdier option, allowing for insulation to be laid over the top after they are fixed in place – ideal for lofts
– Can be used to improve the fire rating of ceiling-mounted speakers as well as downlighters
– The range also contains downlighter adaptors which can convert existing light fittings to fire resistant, low-energy units, saving up to 40W per light whilst providing 66 minutes of fire protection
– Easily installed in 5 minutes or less. Custom sizes made to order.

Application Instructions

Lead the cable from the transformer through the pre-cut downlight aperture in the ceiling
Pierce the cable entry point in the top of the cover with a sharp object, creating an opening large enough to suit the cable size
Feed sufficient cable through the opening for the connection
Compress the cover and pass it through the aperture in the ceiling
Open out the cover once inside the ceiling, away from the light fitting
Using the two supplied pins, fasten opposite inner flanges of the cover to the plasterboard
Insert the light fitting and fasten the closing mechanism over the inner flaps of the downlighter cover to seal the opening
Downlighter covers require a minimum of 40mm horizontal clearance and 15mm vertical clearance
Cages are rigid and require no clearance, meaning that insulation can be packed around them as long as it does not cover the ventilation holes

NB: Downlighter cages cannot be compressed to fit through the light fitting aperture from below and must therefore be positioned from above

Order References / Sizes


REGULAR                                            LENGTH/WIDTH/HEIGHT (mm)

DLC0                                                     150 x 150 x 120

DLC1                                                     130 x 130 x 070

DLC2                                                     130 x 130 x 100

DLC3                                                     130 x 130 x 140

DLC4                                                     180 x 180 x 130

DLC5                                                     180 x 180 x 170

DLC6                                                     260 x 260 x 120

DLC7                                                     260 x 260 x 230

DLC8                                                     300 x 300 x 170

DLC9                                                     350 x 350 x 230

ACOUSTIC                                           DIAM/HEIGHT (mm)

DLC 0/AC                                              150 x 120

DLC 1/AC                                              130 x 070

DLC 2/AC                                              130 x 100

DLC 3/AC                                              130 x 140

DLC 4/AC                                              180 x 130

DLC 5/AC                                              180 x 170

DLC 6/AC                                              260 x 120

DLC 7/AC                                              260 x 230

DLC 8/AC                                              300 x 170

DLC 9/AC                                              350 x 230

If an acoustic cover is required for loft areas, please add /L to the order reference eg: DLC3/AC/L

Please allow the following MINIMUM clearances for products shown above: 40mm horizontal and 15mm vertical around the fitting.



REGULAR 60 MINUTES                                                                                    ACOUSTIC 60 MINUTES


LENGTH/WIDTH/HEIGHT (mm)                       PRICE                                    LENGTH/WIDTH/HEIGHT (mm)                       


DSLVA                           300 x 100 x 120                                              DSLVA/AC            320 x 120 x 140

DSLVB                          300 x 180 x 140                                              DSLVB/AC            320 x 200 x 160

DSLVC                          300 x 220 x 140                                              DSLVC/AC            320 x 240 x 160

DSLVD                          300 x 300 x 140                                              DSLVD/AC            320 x 320 x 160

DSLVF                           450 x 290 x 150

DSLVG                          475 x 320 x 215

DSLVO                          400 x 250 x 200                                             DSLVO/AC            400 x 250 x 200

Other sizes made to order




An Envirograf® retro-fitting adaptor has been developed to convert your existing downlighter fittings into low-energy units, potentially saving up to 40W per light, whilst simultaneously providing 66 minutes of fire protection. Made to order.




DA1           Supplied with a standard white lamp holder with an earth terminal

DA2           Supplied with a brass lamp holder including earth terminal


When ordering, please specify the original light fitting’s product name and code or send a sample of the fitting.

Low-energy lamp bulbs are not supplied with the lamp holders.

Add suffix /BC (bayonet cap) or /ES (Edison screw) to the reference for the appropriate type of fitting required.




The fire cage has the same use as a downlighter cover. There are two types available: –


STANDARD RANGE (for standard light fittings only)

TRANSFORMER RANGE  (for light fittings including transformers)


The cage can only be fitted from above on fixed ceilings, and from above and below on suspended ceilings


                          Fire Cage (Ridgid)                                                      

           LENGTH          WIDTH           HEIGHT                          

FC 1    150mm          150mm          120mm             

FC 2    150mm          150mm          170mm             

FC 3    200mm          200mm          120mm            

FC 4    200mm          200mm          170mm            

FC 5    260mm          260mm          120mm            

FC 6    260mm          260mm          170mm            

FC 7    260mm          260mm          230mm            

FC 8    300mm          300mm          120mm             

FC 9    300mm          300mm          230mm             

FC 10  350mm          350mm          175mm            



 Fire Cage (Ridgid)

               LENGTH          WIDTH           HEIGHT

FC1R       325mm          150mm          120m

FC2R       325mm          150mm          170mm

FC3R       375mm          200mm          120mm

FC4R       375mm          200mm          170mm

FC5R       435mm          260mm          120mm

FC6R       435mm          260mm          170mm

FC7R       435mm          260mm          230mm

FC8R       475mm          300mm          120mm

FC9R       475mm          300mm          230mm

FC10R     525mm          350mm          175mm



                     LENGTH          WIDTH           HEIGHT                               

FC 1/AC          190mm          190mm          140mm         

FC 2/AC          190mm          190mm          190mm         

FC 3/AC          240mm          240mm          140mm         

FC 4/AC          240mm          240mm          190mm          

FC 5/AC          300mm          300mm          140mm         

FC 6/AC          300mm          300mm          190mm         

FC 7/AC          300mm          300mm          250mm         

FC 8/AC          340mm          340mm          140mm         

FC 9/AC          340mm          340mm          250mm          

FC 10/AC       390mm          390mm          195mm          



                    LENGTH          WIDTH         HEIGHT

 FC1R/AC        365mm          190mm          140mm

 FC2R/AC        365mm          190mm          190mm

 FC3R/AC        415mm          240mm          140mm

FC4R/AC        415mm          240mm          190mm

 FC5R/AC        475mm          300mm          140mm

 FC6R/AC        475mm          300mm          190mm

 FC7R/AC        475mm          300mm          250mm

 FC8R/AC        515mm          340mm          140mm

FC9R/AC        515mm          340mm          250mm

FC10R/AC      565mm          390mm          195mm