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Captain Scott’s unique heritage carving

Fire protection cabinet

Fire protection cabinets for valuable items.

Plymouth has seen many famous explorers throughout its history, including Scott of the Antarctic. It was recently discovered that a section of tree bark, on which Scott of the Antarctic had carved his name, was languishing in the loft of the local church of Saint Bartholomew, adjacent to Explorer Court, a development site of house-builder Barratt’s of Exeter, so the developer decided to preserve the bark section in a secure, fire protection cabinet. Technical fire consultant Fire Retardant Services of Ivybridge, Devon (an Envirograf® regional office) was contacted to provide a protection cabinet to secure the bark section from potential theft and to protect against damage from fire, smoke, or water in the event of a fire. The fire protection cabinet had to be carefully constructed to a precise, detailed drawing and the materials used to protect the artefact ensure that this unique historical piece can be observed by generations to come. The main fireproof materials used in the fire protection cabinet were Envirograf® fireproof sponge, intumescent paper, and intumescent seals. The intumescent seals were used to prevent the passage of fire and smoke into the cabinet, and the intumescent paper and fireproof sponge were used to insulate against heat and reduce the risk of any charring from flames surrounding the cabinet.


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