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Protect the Tigers

Art coated in HW02

Protect the Tigers – Art by Faith Bebbington made from 300 plastic milk bottles. Coated in HW02 to achieve Class 0 spread of flame protection.

Envirograf is helping to protect the Recycled tiger, which has been made by Faith Bebbington from 300 plastic milk bottles, to help realise that “Tigers Are Not Rubbish”. Coated in HW02 to achieve Class 0 spread of flame protection.

There are an estimated 3,500 tigers left in the wild. If we do nothing wild tigers could be extinct within 10 years. However, if we act now we aim to double wild tigers in by 2022.

The Recycled tiger’s inner framework was constructed of timber and willow which had been coated with HW02.

The framework had been covered with plastic milk bottles, painted with aerosol colour, then finally coated with HW02.

The specified HW02 paint helped to achieve Class 0 spread of flame which was required in order to display the tiger in public.


What does the HW do?

The HW System offers a clear or white fire retardant coating for upgrading wood and wood related surfaces to a 30 or 60 minutes fire protection to BS476 Part 20-23, and Class 0 or Class 1 Classification (UK Standards) or a SBI: B/s1/d0 (European Standard) Rating. The HW system is suitable for use over many wood and wood type substrates including, new and existing timber, bamboo, chipboard, hardboard, MDF, melamine—faced board, veneer faced board etc. It can also be applied over existing paints and varnishes according to application details.


Products used

Intumescent Paint for Wood (HW System)


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