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Installation of Electrical Consumer Unit Cover

Approved installers Terry Baker Electrical Contractors Ltd had successfully installed Envirograf’s electrical consumer unit installation cover within a residential property

Protection of surface mounted and rebated plastic consumer units from a fire rating stand point is essential for all buildings. Regulations do not state that you have to change your PVC consumer unit in a residential building to a material that is non combustible, unless it is a new build residence or a complete rewiring of a house. Due to this, Envirograf have produced a non-combustible electrical consumer unit cover. Suitable for fitting to the substrate around a consumer unit and does not allow fire to break its integrity. Our product has been specified in preference of metal alternatives.

Terry Baker Electrical contractors have used this product and have fitted different sized covers to suit the need of the area in which the cover is required. Some covers are fully fixed as they are recessed consumer units, and some have a red intumescent material that runs the length as they are surface mounted boxes which have cables and conduits that need to be sealed around. Envirograf’s intumescent will expand under heat to give integrity and insulation to stop fire from spreading. Hinge based with a key opening system, or also ordered to which ever specification is required.


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Envirograf ® products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres.

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