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Hold it! Timed delivery from here to Maternity


Magnetic timed door holder used at Nevill Hall Hospital in Abergavenny, Gwent.

The Works and Estates Department at Nevill Hall Hospital in Abergavenny, Gwent were presented with a difficult problem by the porters department. Every time a new mother was taken back to the maternity wing, the double security doors did not allow enough time to get into the ward before the doors closed on either the patient’s bed or on an incubator trolley. With the need to ensure that fire protection integrity of the doors was not compromised and to minimise draughts, hospital staff were perplexed by this problem. Following a meeting between passive fire consultant Dave Alsop of Cotswold Intumescent Services and Adrian Preece of the Hospital’s Works and Estates Department, an simple solution to this problem was found, which was quick and easy to fit. Dave recommended the use of the Envirograf® Product 43 magnetic timed door holder system. Staff from the hospital’s own Works and Estates Department then fitted the door holder system to the double security doors, to provide an opening time that would allow maternity beds and incubators to be returned to the maternity ward without the doors closing on them as they passed through. The timer was set to approximately 20 seconds, complying with the dual requirements of security and convenience, although current fire regulations allow the magnetic holder system to hold the doors open for up to 57 seconds. The Envirograf® Product 43 magnetic timed door holder system has been accepted by fire officers and building control officers. It does not have to be wired into a fire alarm circuit.

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Magnetic timed door holder


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