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Fireproofing Timber at Magdalene College

magdalene college

Achieving Spread of Flame protection for structural and non-structural timber with Product 92 – QVFR

Here we see the proactive approach that the client has taken with entrusting the principal contractor to undertake all works on this new build site, including the firestopping within the building which encompasses the penetration seals as well as the structural protection of this timber construction.

It was requested that all structural, and non-structural timber work be given a fire-retardant coating to protect it from the spread of flame in the event of a fire. Now, this would have been covered under the old classification of class 1 and class 0, however as Envirograf® are an international company that test to the highest European levels of compliance, our products are tested to the SB1 rating of B/S1/d0, which allows for protection against smoke, burn and ignition from a fire.

The product that we provided for the contractor in this job was our Product 92, QVFR/C clear coating, however the architect wished for us to provide it with a 10% white tint, which we obviously obliged with.

To explain, this system is based on 2 coats of fire retardant, with the second coat also carrying either a matt, satin or gloss finish, dependant on the wishes of the client. Each coat will dry within 20 minutes of application, so dependent on the substrate size, once you have applied the first coat, it will be ready to apply the second.

Included are testing details to accompany the results seen in the photos to a job completed without issue.

As you can see from the photos of site work being completed, the product is being sprayed onto the surfaces, which is perfectly allowed with a 10% dilution. Brushing and rolling the product onto the substrate is also fine as long as square meterage per litre calculations are adhered to.

With this library being a public building, a lot of time was taken to ensure the product both looked good aesthetically but also carried the right amount of protection from fire.

CSM ltd, the contractor carrying out the works commented, ‘Using this product was extremely straight forward. The coating went through the sprayer like water and left a clean finish with exactly the same shine content as the samples that we received from Envirograf. We have now been scheduled in, 3 further jobs to continue using the same product and I am very confident that we will achieve the same result and finish on these further site works.’

Here at Envirograf, we manufacture the world’s largest range of passive fire products and have been fully operational for the last 40 years, providing fire stopping products both nationwide to some of the largest organisations in the market and also internationally through our chain of distributors and supply networks where we serve across Europe as well as South America and Australasia.


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Envirograf ® products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres.

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