Upgrading Lath & Plaster ceilings

Updating a listed property in the centre of Canterbury

king george hospital stramit board ceilings

Stramit Board Protection at King George Hospital

Protecting Stramit Board ceilings using Product 105 – EPCP Fire Resistant Coating

Pig House, Norfolk

Fireproof Paint for CLT at Pig House

A combination of our Product 42 – Intumescent Paint for Wood was applied to the internal surfaces of CLT to provide effectual passive fire protection

Fireproof coating for The Oxford Fire Door Company

Upgrading The Oxford Fire Door Company timber doors to fire doors with HW01

Art coated in HW02

Protect the Tigers

Protect the Tigers – Art by Faith Bebbington made from 300 plastic milk bottles. Coated in HW02 to achieve Class 0 spread of flame protection.

Aldershot pavilion

New Aldershot Garrison FA Academy pavilion

ES/VFR coating protects new football pavilion in Aldershot

Coventry University outside

High-Tech building in Coventry

Glulam beams protected with ES/VFR coating at Coventry University

Intumescent Coating2

Talking Business at Colchester Campus

Intumescent coatings protecting timber frame structure of the new Business School in Colchester, University of Essex.

Dartford football stadium

Football is coming home to Dartford

Innovative plywood structured roof at Prince Park Stadium.

Log cabin fire protected

Protecting wooden Anglers' Lodge

Log cabin clubhouse and leisure facility at Eye Kettleby Lakes.

Wood cabins protected4

Protecting rural wooden log cabins

Intumescent fire retardant coating helping to meet fire regulations.

Longshaw Farm Fishery coating protection

Protecting Longshaw Farm Fishery

Intumescent coating preventing spread of flame.

Flame retardant for decking

Flame retardant for decking

Flame retardant coating used to protect decking.

Samfundet School Norway

Protection for Norwegian timber school

Intumescent fire retardant paint used to protect Samfundet School in Norway.


Standing the test of time

Fire protection coatings used at Woodlands Enterprise Centre and Fairway Business Park.


Top of the tree

Intumescent protective coatings for wood used at Tree Centre.


A Quality Finish at Kilworth House Hotel

Range of passive fire protection products used at Kilworth House Hotel.


Anglo-Nordic co-operation in timber fire protection

Norwegian-style log cabin protected with fire barrier curtain and fire retardant paint.


Beach huts and cabins protected against arson

Flame retardant and fire protection coatings used to protect beach huts at Tankerton seafront.


Singing the Praises of Excellence

Intumescent coatings used to protect Westminster Choir School.

Envirograf ® products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres.

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