Fire upgrade coating for timber doors

Upgrading timber door fire class

Intumescent coatings for upgrading the fire classification of timber doors.


Upgrading Lath & Plaster ceilings

Updating a listed property in the centre of Canterbury

West Midlands Fire Services HQ

Aluminium Mullions Upgrading at WMFS Headquarters

Intumescent Steel Coating offered effective fire protection for Aluminium Mullions of the West Midlands Fire Services HQ Car Park

fireproof upgrade for steel beam

Fireproof Upgrade for Exposed Steel Beam

Nicola and Alex upgraded the steel beam in their home extension using our Intumescent Coating for Steel.

fireproof beams at Judd House

A Fireproof Future for Judd House

Application of Envirograf HW system to fireproof beams at Judd House by Markwell Peck

Canary Wharf Crossrail Station fire protection with intumescent coating

Canary Wharf Crossrail Station

Intumescent coatings are used to provide fire protection to timber and steel construction.

Intumescent Coating2

Talking Business at Colchester Campus

Intumescent coatings protecting timber frame structure of the new Business School in Colchester, University of Essex.


A Quality Finish at Kilworth House Hotel

Range of passive fire protection products used at Kilworth House Hotel.


Farnham Castle steel framework

12th century Farnham Castle protected with intumescent steel paint to meet building regulations.


Intumescent steel paint used over existing coating

Intumescent steel paint used to protect swimming pool to provide 1 hour fire protection.


Beach huts and cabins protected against arson

Flame retardant and fire protection coatings used to protect beach huts at Tankerton seafront.


Fire protection for barn conversion

Intumescent coatings helping to conform to current fire regulations.


Fighting arson with help from Envirograf®

Lincolnshire Council uses HW Coating System to protect wooden structures from arsonists.


Singing the Praises of Excellence

Intumescent coatings used to protect Westminster Choir School.


The Envirograf® Cure

JNR Tower Curing works conversion to Time & Tide Museum.


Ace results for Cherrywood

Door upgrading products used in  Paladian style Stanmer House in East Sussex.


Perfect Partners at Gosfield Hall

Door fire protection products used at Gosfield Hall, Essex


Priceless protection at Thornham Parva Church

Protecting the unique oak retable at Saint Mary’s Church.

Envirograf ® products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres.

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