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Intumescent fire-stop block

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Intumescent blocks for fire-stopping gaps around services

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Fire Stop Block

Intumescent block for fire stopping gaps around pipes, cables as well as services. Fixing blocks into walls or floors creates a temporary or permanent fire stopping solution. Clad with foil and intumescent strips, the block expands in a fire, which locks in place to seal the void and furthermore prevents firespread.

Each fire stop intumescent block is 1200mm long, designed with intumescent on either side. Designed as an effective fire and smoke barrier to prevent rapid firespread and smoke inhalation. Available in other standard sizes found under our references tab, or also made to order.

Our fire stop blocks are also compatible with our intumescent wraps for pipe collars of varying material. Its flexible, soft material is easily cut with a sharp blade to fit into any space where required. Ideal as a fire break under suspended computer floors, or between screen walling and concrete floors.

In the event of equipment  service maintenance requirments, our blocks can be easily removed for access.

  • Designed with self-adhesive tape to join together and fix into spaces
  • Can be removed for maintenance

Fire barriers provide an effective solution for gaps or voids within buildings that require fire protection. Browse our full range of fire barrier products.



– Great for fire-stopping voids in compartmentalised walls and floors- Easily installed around existing services and can be cut to shape to accommodate new ones

– Can be used in conjunction with intumescent wraps or collars to provide 2 hours protection or more for services passing through walls and floors

– Can be used between screen walling and concrete floors as a firebreak

Application Instructions

The Intumescent Blocks can be cut with a sharp knife or hacksaw blade, fitting into
the opening to form a fire seal. Can be cut and pushed around services and pipes.
Where plastic pipes are 75mm or over then use Envirograf Wrap or Pipe Sleeve
fixing into the blocks. Where blocks are going over cable trays, leave a small gap and
use Envirograf Product 29 Cable Tray Pillows. The blocks have double-sided tape
around the edges so they can be adhered to each other to form a smoke seal. Where
there are any open joints use Envirograf Product 63 Intumescent Cement Filler of
Product 61 CS Stopper.
Envirograf Intumescent Blocks can be used between screen walling and concrete
floors as a firebreak.

Order References / Sizes

REF                        SIZE                                                       LENGTH                PROTECTION                                                      

IB1                           50mm thick x 150mm wide             1200mm                               1 hour

IB1/A                       50mm thick x 100mm wide             1200mm                               1 hour

IB1/B                       50mm thick x   50mm wide             1200mm                               1 hour

IB2                          100mm thick x 150mm wide            1200mm                               2 hours

IB2/A                      100mm thick x 100mm wide            1200mm                               2 hours

IB2/B                      100mm thick x   50mm wide             1200mm                               2 hours