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Intumescent coated slabs

Product 4


Fibrous intumescent slabs that can be cut to allow services to pass through

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High density rockwool slabs with an intumescent coating on both main faces. Suitable for use as a permanent fire barrier in non-load bearing walls, floors and ceilings, as well as around services. Slabs are supplied with intumescent jointing compound which is ideal for use over door frames between door edge and ceiling.


– Due to its high density, it can be used for large openings in floors, walls and ceilings

– Offers effective acoustic protection by impeding sound transfer through the centre of the structure and across its surface

– Ideal for use under raised flooring as a firebreak, providing 1-4 hours fire protection

Application Instructions

Where the slab is in a wall situation, just cut the slab to fit into the opening adhering
with the adhesive supplied, ensuring that Envirograf Wraps are fitted around any
PVC, copper or steel pipes and PVC electrical trunking.
For steel electrical trunking fit pads inside where passing through the slab. For cable
trays, then use Envirograf Product 29 cable tray pillows.
For floor openings 1m² without support. For hole sizes over 1m², firstly fit chicken
wire 1½” diameter, support around the perimeter with Envirograf FB/C1 Metal
Supports and wire mesh to services passing through the opening. For large openings
Product 4, ref: SUP Metal Supports can be used.
Then around any plastic, steel or copper the fit product 7, around electrical trunking
or steel trunking, fit Envirograf Pads and Cable Tray Pillows over cable trays or fit
Product 1 Envirograf Pillows around cables that are having to be regularly changed.
IS60 slab – this is a slightly smaller slab in size but very high density. Ideally suited to
large openings or complete walls, where ladders may need to be leant against or
areas where the filled area needs to be extra strong. Again, all services passing
through the slab must have Wraps, etc., around the pipes and services.
The coated slab is ideal for under computer room raised floors as a firebreak.

Case Studies

Order References / Sizes

REF        THICKNESS         COATING              SLAB SIZES                         PROTECTION                                              

IS060     60mm                   Double-Sided       1200mm x 600mm                               4 hours


SUP        Metal Support Batten for large floor openings (per metre)                                                                                       4-order-ref