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Intumescent wraps

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Flexible intumescent wraps to seal gaps and voids around cables and pipes

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Intumescent Wraps

Economical, foil-clad intumescent wraps for pipes and cables. Easily cut to size and wrapped around any type of pipe or cable, providing an effective fire stopping barrier. Intumescent wraps fit into brick or block walls, and are also compatible with:

Intumescent Coated Slabs,

Non-Fibrous Slabs as well as

Fire Mortar.

Under intense heat, the intumescent expands, thus sealing off heat and fire and crushing PVC pipes, trunking and cables. Additionally, wraps will cool down steel pipes, preventing overheating. Alternatively, Firoblok Intumescent Sleeves or also Intumescent Protection Sleeves can be used for additional fire protection for pipes. A supply of labels should adhere to protected pipes or cables for identification to the relevant authorities.

Available in lengths between 250mm up to 650mm, or in a 10m continuous roll.  Simply cut to any size with a sharp blade. Alternative, limited acoustic wraps are also available in this range. Dependent on the size of wraps, fire ratings can range between 1 to 4 hours of fire protection. Suitable for use against floors and walls where services, cables or pipes pass through.

Fire barriers provide an effective solution for gaps or voids within buildings that require fire protection. Browse our full range of fire barrier products.


– Used for fire-stopping gaps around cables and pipes from 15mm-600mm diameter as they pass through block and brickwork walls, floors or ceilings

– Will crush melting PVC or UPVC pipes/cables in a fire, filling the gap to prevent fire and smoke spreading
– Provides effective insulation for metal pipes, absorbing the heat from the pipe to prevent it from spreading through the structure
– 25mm wraps will provide 1 hour protection, 30mm wraps will provide 3 hours protection, 50mm and 100mm wraps will provide 3-4 hours
– Available in a continuous 10m roll which can be cut to size to fit services of practically any diameter
– Range also includes a repair kit which can be used to fill small openings around existing services, offering up to 2 hours fire resistance
– Materials will not degrade, lasting a lifetime in-situ

Application Instructions

Standard Wrap:

Wrap around the pipe or cable at the point where it passes through the wall, floor or ceiling
The attached adhesive strip is then used to fix both ends of the wrap together
Push the wrap into the hole around the service, leaving 10mm protruding from the wall face which can be pointed around as required

Continuous Wrap:

Wrap comes in a 10m roll and must be cut to size and applied in layers.
The 30mm wrap is for pipes from 15mm-200mm in diameter and should be applied as follows:
i. For pipes 15mm-65mm in diameter, adhere one layer to the pipe
ii. For pipes 75mm-127mm in diameter, adhere two layers to the pipe
iii. For pipes 160mm-200mm in diameter, adhere three layers to the pipe
The 50mm wrap is for pipes from 40mm-400mm in diameter and should be applied as follows:
i. For pipes 40mm-115mm in diameter, adhere one layer to the pipe
ii. For pipes 127mm-215mm in diameter, adhere two layers to the pipe
iii. For pipes 250mm-400mm in diameter, adhere three layers to the pipe
The wrap has an adhesive strip on one side, which is easily adhered to the pipe once cut to size

Case Studies


Order References / Sizes

REF              PIPE SIZE      INTERNAL        EXTERNAL

                    INTERNAL         WRAP                WRAP    

                   DIAMETER    DIAMETER        DIAMETER         


EW 18             015mm           018mm              024mm

EW 25             022mm           025mm              031mm

EW 33             025mm           033mm              039mm

EW 40             032mm           040mm              046mm

EW 50             040mm           050mm              056mm

EW 55             050mm           055mm              061mm

EW 60             055mm           060mm              066mm

EW 83             065mm           083mm              091mm

EW 90             075mm           090mm              98mm

EW115           100mm           115mm              123mm

EW135           125mm           135mm              145mm

EW150           130mm           150mm              160mm

EW165           150mm           165mm              177mm

EW215     175 or 200mm     215mm              229mm

EW250           225mm           250mm              266mm

EW300           250mm           300mm              320mm

EW350           250mm           350mm              374mm

EW400           350mm           400mm              452mm

EW450           400mm           450mm              506mm

EW500           450mm           500mm              564mm

EW600           500mm           600mm              676mm


Available with fire ratings :

1 hour rating – 25mm depth     ;     3 hours rating – 30mm – 50mm depth     ;     4 hours rating – 50mm – 100mm depth

NB: EW—/1 = 1 hour; EW—/3 = 3 hours; EW—/4 = 4 hours

ACOUSTIC WRAPS For acoustic protection to the above, please add 35% to the price and add suffix /A to the reference



EWE1 (rated 1-3 hours) & EWE2 (rated 1-4 hours)


REF                       WRAP WIDTH                                          WRAP LENGTH                                                                           

EWE1                           30mm                                                           10m

1 layer for 15-65mm diameter pipe, 2 layers for 75-127mm diameter pipe, 3 layers for 160mm-200mm diameter pipe.

REF                       WRAP WIDTH                                          WRAP LENGTH                                                                                

EWE2                           50mm                                                           10m

1 layer for 40-115mm diameter pipe, 2 layers for 127- 215mm diameter pipe, 3 layers for 250mm-400mm diameter pipe



This product is used for filling up openings or to use around existing services, offering up to 2 hours’ protection.

The kit comprises the following parts:

330mm x 330mm x 40mm fire protection coated sponge

1 tube IA adhesive – black

1 tube intumescent mastic – black