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Fire Protection Collar ISPC

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Flexible intumescent wrap with metal brackets to fire seal openings around pipes and cables

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ISPC Fire Collar

Fire protection collars that wrap around pipes as well as cables in walls, ceilings or floors, providing up to 2 hours fire protection. The ISPC fire collar is designed with cylindrical strips of foil-clad intumescent material.  A lightweight and easily-adjustable alternative to our heavy-duty intumescent collars.

Suitable for both new and retrofit applications, providing excellent passive fire protection. Manufactured using intumescent to provide fire protection for PVC, plastic, metal, steel and also copper pipes. For hard to access areas, we supply adjustable brackets for fitting. The adhesive backing makes it easy to apply to surfaces, thus suited for most applications. Supplied with retaining clips for ease of application.

Apply Fire Protection Collars to the risk side of the room. Its flexible, lightweight material makes it simple to wrap around pipes and also services where required.

  • Supplied with adjustable brackets for ease of installation.
  • Standard sizes range from 45mm up to 350mm diameter. For larger ISPC fire collars, we supply extra retaining clips to fix to the substrate.
  • Use metal butterfly toggle bolts for use on plasterboard walls.

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– Provides up to 2 hours fire protection for pipes 45mm-350mm in diameter

– Can be quickly fixed to the risk side of surfaces in both new and retrofit applications

– Adjustable brackets allow for fitting in hard-to-access areas

Application Instructions

Place ISPC collar around pipe on risk side of room.
Remove adhesive backing paper from fixing tab and fasten tab to position
collar close around pipe.
Make holes in wall and insert plugs.
Push metal clips over collar with equal spacing between clips.
Put screws through clips and fix.


Order References / Sizes

REF                        INTERNAL PIPE SIZE                        RETAINING CLIPS                                                                    

ISPC045                                045mm                                                  2

ISPC055                                055mm                                                  2

ISPC065                                065mm                                                  2

ISPC075                                075mm                                                  2

ISPC100                                100mm                                                  3

ISPC150                                150mm                                                  3

ISPC200                                200mm                                                  3

ISPC250                                250mm                                                  4