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Cast in Concrete Fire Protection Sleeve

Product 12


Fire and smoke resistant pipe and cable sleeve installed in concrete during the casting process

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The cast in concrete fire protection sleeve is a cylindrical metal tube. Fitted with intumescent and fire resistant sponge, through which any type of service can pass. For use with concrete floors or walls.


– The cast in concrete sleeve is installed during the construction process, the product is positioned before concrete is poured

– Allows for any type of service to pass through concrete, providing up to 4 hours fire and acoustic protection at the point of penetration

– A long-term solution, allowing fire-rated services to be factored in during the design process of new build

Application Instructions

Secure the Envirograf® cast-in sleeve with loops of wire passed through the
fitting lugs and through the steel reinforcement mesh before casting.
Immediately after casting the concrete, wipe both end caps with a damp cloth
to clear any spilled concrete and allow to set in place.
Release the end caps by scoring around the rim tape with a sharp knife
Remove the end caps.
Use a sharp knife to cut the end caps to accommodate services and re-install
into the cast-in sleeve to complete the job.

Order References / Sizes

REF                        PIPE DIAMETER


CCS50                              40mm

CCS83                              76mm

CCS91                              83mm

CCS138                           116mm

CCS195                           166mm

CCS250                           200mm

Sleeves available in standard lengths:     150mm                       200mm                        250mm                           300mm

Other sizes can be made to special order, including square/rectangular versions. Please contact the sales department with details of the sizes you require.