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WPCS Fire Protection Kit for Large Pipes

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Fire protection kit for large pipes

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WPCS Fire Protection Kit

Our fire protection kit for large pipes protects large PVC/Polypropylene/UPVC pipes up to 900mm in diameter. (minimum wall thickness of 3mm). To protect the pipe, complete the outlined steps prior to installation of the WPCS collar. Apply fibreglass and intumescent coating to pipe section passing through the wall and each side of the wall to the depth of the WPCS collar.

Designed with intumescent to provide effective passive fire protection. In the event of a fire, the intumescent crushes PVC pipes to prevent serious fires from spreading. The intumescent will continue to expand under heat to several times its original size to create a protective layer.

The kit is supplied with an intumescent WPCS collar, 2 layers of fibreglass, adhesive with hardener as well as grey intumescent coating.

  • Cut the fibreglass to required length with overlap.
  • Stir the supplied adhesive and hardener well and apply directly onto the pipe.
  • Place the first sheet of fibreglass onto the pipe, overlapping by 50-100mm. Leave to dry for 20 minutes.
  • Apply the remaining adhesive onto the pipe and cut another sheet of adhesive to lay above the first sheet.
  • Leave to set for 2 hours.
  • Apply 3 coats of grey intumescent coating at 8m2 per litre per coat, waiting 20 minutes between coatings.
  • The sleeve is then ready to fit onto the wall.

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– Provides up to 2 hours fire protection and integrity
– Intumescent coating provides effective fire protection
– Supplied with WPCS collar, fibreglass sheeting, adhesive with hardener and intumescent coating

Application Instructions

1. Fix 2 sheets of fiberglass cut to length with overlap
2. Pots of adhesive will be supplied with pots of hardener to add to adhesive. Stir well. Apply adhesive to the pipe, lay over the first sheet of fiberglass. Ensure the fiberglass overlaps by 50- 100mm. You can leave to dry for 10 to 20 minutes.
3. Apply the rest the adhesive and then lay over the second sheet of fiberglass. Leave to dry until it has gone hard, approximately for 2 hours.
4. Then apply three coats of our grey Intumescent coating at 8m2 per litre per coat. Each coat takes approximately 20 minutes to dry.
5. Your sleeve can now be fitted into the wall. Our WPCS fitted to the outside of the pipe on the fire/risk side and screwed to the wall with fixing brackets supplied.


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WPCS/K          Kit for large pipes