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Multi Shutter Unit Intumescent Box for Pipes

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An intumescent box designed for sealing off polypropylene and PVC pipes in ceilings in the event of a fire

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Intumescent Multi Shutter Unit

A unique intumescent box for pipes, sealing off polypropylene and plastic pipes in ceilings, floors as well as walls. Ideal for use on plasterboard ceilings, also concrete. Made from powder-coated zintex metal and Envirograf multigraf intumescent to provide effective passive fire protection.

Our intumescent Multi Shutter Unit has been specially designed for rapid closing. The Multi Shutter Unit has internal veins held by a thermal wire. Once the pipe softens and starts to melt, the thermal wire breaks dropping down the four veins and shutting off the fire. The Intumescent expands filling the whole box to seal pipes and reduce fire spread.

Designed for pipes between 50mm to 400mm in diameter. Fit on to plasterboard or concrete ceilings where pipes pass through. When recessed, Multi Shutter Units require a faceplate to maintain integrity in the case of a fire. The Multi Shutter Unit can be fixed to concrete ceilings and floors. Supplied with adjustable brackets and also screws for fitting multi shutter units to surfaces.

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– Designed to protect ventilation systems

– For pipes that are 50mm to 400mm in diameter

– Brackets featured for easy installation

Order References / Sizes


MULTI/S/85                                       MULTI/S/85/RE

MULTI/S/110                                     MULTI/S/110/RE

MULTI/S/127                                     MULTI/S/127/RE

MULTI/S/166                                     MULTI/S/166/RE

MULTI/S/200                                     MULTI/S/200/RE

MULTI/S/225                                     MULTI/S/225/RE

MULTI/S/250                                     MULTI/S/250/RE

MULTI/S/300                                     MULTI/S/300/RE

MULTI/S/325                                      MULTI/S/325/RE

MULTI/S/350                                      MULTI/S/350/RE

MULTI/S/400                                      MULTI/S/400/RE