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Intumescent fire and smoke stop pillow

Product 1


Expanding intumescent pillows to seal gaps and voids around services

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Intumescent Fire Stop Pillow

A reinforced glass cloth intumescent pillow. Filled with fireproof sponge and intumescent material for effective smoke and fire protection. Expands to 3 times its original size in a fire, sealing gaps around services in walls, floors and also ceilings. The intumescent pillows will expand at low pressure, then lock together to seal off fire without pushing services out of alignment. Also available with tags or loops for reinforced security.

Our intumescent pillow has effective durability in varying weather conditions, and will not degrade. This makes them suitable for blockwork, brickwork and other structures requiring fire protection to seal voids and gaps. Ideal for computer rooms, including sterile areas of buildings.

Due to their soft, flexible material, you can remove or refit the intumescent pillows where necessary. In the event of fire where intumescent pillows become attacked by flames, replace them with new pillows in order to restore lost fire properties to the structure. Smoke is also effectively prevented from spreading through intumescent, able to protect occupants from dangerous smoke inhalation and safely allow for evacuation.

  • Ideal for awkward gaps as it can be compressed
  • A good temporary or permanent solution, providing up to 2 hours fire resistance

Fire barriers provide an effective solution for gaps or voids within buildings that require fire protection. Browse our full range of fire barrier products.


– Ideal for awkward gaps as it can be compressed
– A good temporary or permanent solution, providing up to 2 hours fire resistance
– Can be fitted with cord and 100mm retention tag to fix the pillows in place as a permanent solution
– Great for use around cables which are regularly adjusted
– Non-fibrous, dust-free materials are suitable for use in sterile areas or clean rooms

Application Instructions

The pillows can be folded to fit between pipes and services. For vertical openings i.e.
In walls, build the pillows in rows and staggered in formation, compressing each pillow
to ensure all gaps are filled to stop the passage of smoke. For horizontal openings
i.e. floors, build together as in walls, but where openings are greater than 700mm x
400mm, to prevent sagging, supply additional support by fixing wire mesh into the
opening first.

Case Studies

  • Pillow talk prevents unnecessary exposure in Hospital

    Intumescent gap filling products have been used to protect services in Weston General Hospital. Products 1, 5 , 41


Order References / Sizes

REF                        SIZE                                                       THICKNESS     

P      1                     150mm x 150mm                                                40mm

P      2                     225mm x 225mm                                               40mm

P      3                     300mm x 300mm                                              40mm

P      4                     250mm x 127mm                                                40mm

P      5                     250mm x 127mm                                                80mm

P      6                     300mm x 300mm                                              80mm

P      7                     225mm x 225mm                                                80mm

P      8                     150mm x 100mm                                               100mm

P      9                     200mm x 100mm                                               100mm

P    10                     250mm x 100mm                                               100mm

P    11                     350mm x 100mm                                               100mm

P    12                     500mm x 100mm                                               100mm

P    13                     300mm x 200mm                                               100mm

P    14                     500mm x 200mm                                               100mm

P    15                     330mm x 050mm                                                20mm

P    16                     330mm x 200mm                                                25mm

P2000                    135mm x 135mm                                                30mm

P2001                    200mm x 130mm                                                30mm

P2002                    230mm x 130mm                                                30mm

P2003                    300mm x 100mm                                                40mm

P2004                    300mm x 200mm                                                40mm

P2005                    300mm x 150mm                                              200mm

Add /T after the reference for metal eyelets on a 100mm long cord to be used to loop pillows together