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Intumescent protection sleeve system for cables

Product 25


Complete fire and smoke resistant system for protecting cables passing through one side of a wall and out the other

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A penetration sealing unit designed with protective intumescent sleeves. Consisting of a semi-flexible cylindrical tube with two end plates. The end plates house a fireproof sponge, which expands to prevent spread of flame as well as smoke. The metal cylinder houses the cables and compartmentalises them as they pass through the wall. The intumescent material fitted to both ends expand to seal the apertures in a fire.


– A complete unit providing up to 130 minutes fire and smoke protection for electrical and plumbing services passing through fire barrier walls made from block, brick, concrete, and hollow plasterboard- Easily removed to allow the maintenance of services. Cables can be easily installed or removed once the unit is fitted

Application Instructions

The semi-flexible tube is pushed into the hole for the services – cut to the right size to suit depth of
wall or floor. The smoke protection unit is then screwed to the face of the substrate either side of the hole
where your services are to pass through. The units contain a fireproof sponge smoke seal which can be
easily cut to allow cables etc. to pass through.
The Intumescent Protection Sleeve System can be fitted over existing services. The semi flexible tube
can be cut and fitted around the cables etc. and adhered with the self-adhesive tag then pushed into the
wall. The smoke protection units come in two parts and can be screwed around the exiting services
either side of the opening.
Once the system is in place, cables and services can be removed and replaced easily.

Order References / Sizes

REF                        INTERNAL                            EXTERNAL                           SLEEVE                                                      

                                SLEEVE SIZE                       SLEEVE SIZE                       LENGTH


ICP1/2                      50mm                                    62mm                                  200mm

ICP2/2                      90mm                                  102mm                                  200mm

ICP3/2                    115mm                                  135mm                                  200mm

ICP4/2                    165mm                                  187mm                                  200mm

ICP5/2                    215mm                                  240mm                                  200mm

ICP1/6                      50mm                                    62mm                                  600mm

ICP2/6                      90mm                                  102mm                                  600mm

ICP3/6                    115mm                                  135mm                                  600mm

ICP4/6                    165mm                                  187mm                                  600mm

ICP5/6                    215mm                                  240mm                                  600mm