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Fire coating for PVC Cables

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White intumescent coating to protect PVC electrical cables from fire.  The coating dries to a flexible finish.

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Coating to protect PVC electrical cables from fire

A white, odourless, intumescent and fire-resistant fire coating for cables with plastic casing. It inhibits PVC fumes in a fire and does not insulate or have any harmful effect on working cables.

  • Furthermore, dries in approximately 1 hour.
  • When dry, Envirograf® Fire coating for Cables is flexible, and it will move without cracking. Therefore, ideal for crane cables, elevator cables, mains cables, and buildings where elevators are required for evacuation.
  • Prolongs the functions of the cables in the event of a fire, thus providing effective fire protection.

Fire coating for PVC Cables is available in 1 litre, 2½ litre and 5 litre tubs. Larger quantities are also available. Each litre covers approximately 1m² of bunched cables or approximately 20m of 25mmm diameter cable.

We provide an extensive range of fireproof coatings, intumescent paint, wallpaper, and sprays compatible with a range of materials. Explore our Fireproof Coatings online.

Envirograf® passive fire products carry the hallmark of excellence, reflecting the high standards that prevail in its laboratory, test rig, and manufacturing plant. Envirograf® passive fire products are subject to rigorous quality control which, at all stages, ensures products remain at the leading edge of fire containment technology. This quality has earned the company and its passive fire products a high reputation, with its operating system accredited to ISO9001.


  • Coating has no damaging effect on working cables and will not cause them to overheat from everyday use- Inhibits PVC fumes in the event of a fire
  • After application, the coating allows some flexibility without cracking – ideal for cables that require regular maintenance
  • Can be easily applied by brush or spray

Application Instructions

  • Ensure surface is dry and grease-free. Old peeling paint should be removed completely before application.
  • Stir well before use. Fire coating for Cables can be applied using brush or spray. Please observe basic rules for working with paints.
  • Apply at temperatures of over 10ºC and a relative humidity of under 80%.
  • Each litre covers approximately 1m² of bunched cables or approximately 20m of 25mm diameter cable.
  • Up to 10% water dilution allowed when spraying but ensure correct loadings are applied to area to give maximum fire protection – please contact the technical department for further information.
  • Drying time: Dries in approximately 1 hour. Thoroughly dry after 24-48 hours depending on the temperature of the surroundings

Order References / Sizes

<strong>EP/C</strong>                       1 litre

<strong>EP/C                     2.5 litre

EP/C                       5 litre</p>

EP/C                      20 litre