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Mobility scooter fire and smoke cover

Product 9


Fire and smoke resistant housing for safely charging mobility scooters

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Smoke and fire cover for safely charging mobility scooters. A metal frame and ground sheet with which a silicone cloth cover fits and fixes to the ground. Provides a permanent, fire resistant housing for mobility scooters. Dimensions: 875mm x 1650mm x 1770mm


– An easily-installed solution to the recurring problem of overheating mobility scooter batteries
– Contains fire and smoke for a minimum of 45 minutes
– Allows for mobility scooters to be safely charged overnight in a fire and smoke resistant environment
– Effectively starves fire of oxygen, causing it to self-extinguish
– Can be temporarily or permanently fixed in any interior location

Application Instructions

Make sure there is sufficient space to erect the cover. This is a two-person job
Lay the ground sheet flat. Using the fixing holes located at each corner as a guide, mark on the floor the locations where holes must be drilled
Lifting the corners of the ground sheet, drill holes in the floor
The frame can now be unfolded and placed over the ground sheet. Align the holes in the feet of the frame with the holes in the ground sheet, and screw firmly to the floor. For concrete flooring, raw plugs must be used
The cover can now be lifted over the top of the frame. Starting at the back, pull the cover up and over the frame towards the front
Once the cover is all the way forward, pull down the flaps at the back and sides and fix to the ground sheet using the attached velcro strips
The front of the cover should be attached to the frame legs using the velcro straps
The mobility scooter can now be parked inside the cover. The zips and velcro strips are then used to seal the front flap. Cable entries are located on both sides of the cover, allowing for scooters to be charged whilst parked inside


Order References / Sizes

SCOOT1               Scooter cover , dimensions are 875mm width x 1650mm depth x 1770mm height