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EnviroBurst fire stop system for mobility scooters

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Fire protection system for mobility scooter batteries, which often catch fire during charging.

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Enviroburst for Mobility Scooters

Combustion occurs when batteries overheat in mobility scooters, putting users at risk of burns. Therefore, it’s been essential in developing a simple yet effective fire protection system for users. Envirograf manufactured Enviroburst for mobility scooters as a simple, affordable solution to overheating batteries.

Without installing Enviroburst, fires can quickly become out of control within seconds within the battery compartment, burning rapidly in or outside of homes. Fires from overheating can spread and become dangerous to nearby surroundings and people.

The Envirograf® EnviroBurst product has a unique fire stopping suppression system. The thermoplastic tube contains a liquid extinguishant which is released when the tube is exposed to flames, softening the tube before it bursts. The liquid will instantaneously extinguish flames before they spread, preserving mobility scooters and also protecting users. Users must then replace the battery compartment in the event of overheating.

Attaches to battery compartments with screws, supplied with tubes. Lightweight and compact, yet effective against fires. Available in different lengths to suit battery compartments; suitable for installation on any mobility scooter.

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Application Instructions

Very easy to install, just attach the tubes to the inside of battery enclosure with supplied clips. Once installed, the tubes prevents any fires developing inside the battery enclosure of the mobility scooter.
The tubes do not present any health hazard, once activated the liquid extinguishes the fire and evaporates.


Order References / Sizes

The tubes are supplied with fixing clips, very easy to install.
Standard sizes:
150mm long ( 6 inches )
190mm long ( 7 ½ inches )
290mm long ( 11 ½ inches )
490mm long ( 19 ½ inches )
Other sizes available