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Timber Frame Cavity Barrier Range

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[CV Strip ] [ FB/TS ]

Cavity barriers designed for timber frames and party walls or floors

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A range of lightweight, adhesive-backed cavity barriers, ideal for use in timber-framed buildings, party walls and cavity surfaces with with a rendered finish.
CV Strip Cavity Barrier
A flexible, PVC and foil-clad intumescent strip with self-adhesive backing to adhere it to walls. High expansion intumescent will lock against the external side of the internal wall in a fire, giving full protection without affecting the outer wall.

FB/TS Cavity Barrier
A fireproof sponge barrier with intumescent coating, clad in UPVC foil and red PVC coating to seal the barrier against moisture. Adhesive backing makes it easy to affix to the external face of the internal wall, expanding at medium pressure in a fire to seal off fire and smoke.


– Both barrier ranges will provide a minimum of 2 hours protection
– CV strip barriers are ideal for modular buildings where space is limited, due to their small profile
– FB/TS is a more robust barrier that is ideal for load-bearing party floors and walls
– Easy to install with adhesive strip, but can be fixed down with screws or nails to provide additional fixing

Case Studies

Order References / Sizes

CV Cavity Barrier Strip

Ref                   Width         Thickness           gap size protection
CV30/4           30mm            4mm                    30/45mm
CV30/6           30mm            6mm                    50/60mm
CV30/8           30mm            8mm                    60/70mm
CV30/10 v      30mm          10mm                   80/90mm
CV30/15 v      30mm          15mm               100/120mm
CV75/4           30mm            4mm                   30/50mm
CV75/10 v      75mm          10mm                 80/100mm

Available in 1 metre, 2 metre and 3 metre lenghts.

V – with Brackets

FB/TS Cavity Barrier

FB/TS             Timber frame with brick/timber facing
50mm sponge & intumescent for party walls and floors

FB/TS/TB     Timber frame with tile facing
50mm sponge & 2 face intumescent
for party walls and floors

Sizes:      50mm x 50mm           40mm x 50mm