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Automatic Fire Suppression – EnviroBurst

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Automatic fire suppression system for consumer units.

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Enviroburst Tubes

The EnviroBurst Automatic Fire Suppression System consists of a sealed thermoplastic tube that begins to soften when exposed to high temperatures. Once the fire reaches 70°c the tube will burst, releasing a liquid extinguishant into the heart of the fire.

In recent years, overheated cables within consumer units have ignited and caused irreparable damage to homes. We have manufactured a simple solution that uses a safe liquid that extinguishes the fires instantly. The tube is simply screwed into the lid of a consumer unit. Ideal for protecting enclosed areas that pose a high risk of igniting or overheating, such as distribution boards or consumer units.

  • The EnviroBurst Automatic Fire Suppression System is compact and lightweight, therefore easily adaptable to a wide range of purposes.
  • Specially designed to extinguish fires in the early stages, offering full passive fire protection.
  • In many cases, consumer units, as well as the wiring, will take only minimal damage and therefore won’t require replacing.
  • This product is also compatible with motorised scooter battery compartments

Enviroburst Fire Stop System

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Could you be without your consumer unit, distribution or switch fuse & board for days or hours?
EnviroBurst can immediately put out the fire, causing virtually no damage.

Application Instructions

The tube units are supplied with fixing clips, nuts and bolts. Fixings should be placed about 30-40 mm from both ends.
Take off the lid, drill 2 holes near the top. Fit the clips around the tube & bolt to the inside of the lid. Refit the lid back.

Most standard consumer units up to 250 mm wide will only require EBU1. For larger distribution boards, use EBU2 (300 mm wide) or EBU3 (505 mm wide).
This is the quickest and safest way of stopping a fire in consumer units.









Order References / Sizes

EBU0     150mm long tube

EBU1     195mm long tube

EBU2     300mm long tube

EBU3     505mm long tube

EBU4     900mm long tube

EBU5     1000mm long tube