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Passive Fire Protection for Plumbing

Importance of Passive Fire Protection for Plumbing

In recent years, there has been a high record of fire incidents occurring within bathrooms and wetrooms. Without adequate fire protection, fires become out of control and quickly ravage entire structures, risking terraced and neighbouring properties.

Water pumping systems rely on durable, reinforced pipeworks that are protected from all forms of damage. Dependent on the material used, PVC pipes easily become damaged due to fire or heat.



Fire Resistance

Where services, outlets and pipes pass through walls, ceilings or floors, the fire resistance of the wall must not be impaired due to the penetration. Where required, intumescent products are suitable for either internal or external application for pipes and outlets to provide effective passive fire protection and compartmentalisation. When exposed to flames, the intumescent expands to create a fire seal, filling gaps and voids to prevent fire spread.



British and European Fire Standards

Our passive fire products are tested to British and European Standards, ensuring all products achieve approval through high-quality manufacturing and testing. Products are tested at third-party accredited test centres which determine their suitability for use and quality standard.



Products for Plumbing Services

We manufacture a range of passive fire products fit for plumbing services. Products should be installed by plumbers or other qualified tradesmen to ensure correct installation.

For ventilation ducting and outlets, our Product 33 – CLVM Clippers fit around the rim, clipping onto ducting. Also suited for fan outlets and ventilation pipes.


clvm clipper sleeve


We also offer Product 33 – LV Intumescent Liner is placed internally to solid pipes in ceilings or walls.



For pre-existing and new fan installations, our Product 14 – Fan Covers provide passive fire protection using intumescent.



For ventilation, Product 35 – MG (slotted) & MGL (louvered) Grilles has an internal intumescent plate that seals the grille in the event of fire.



For outlets, our Product 110 – Firoblok for Bathroom Ventilation Outlets wrap around the base of the pipe, crushing off pipes in the event of a fire.

firoblok sleeves


For reinforced protection, our Product 13 – WPCS Collars are designed with a metal rim housing intumescent. Collars will crush PVC pipes or provides heat transfer to cool down metal pipes in the event of a fire.

Envirograf ® products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres.

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