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LV Internal Intumescent Liner for Pipes

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Intumescent liner for solid pipes in toilets/bathrooms

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Intumescent Liner for Pipes

Intumescent liner for pipes designed for solid pipes in ceilings or walls. LV intumescent liners adhere within pipes that pass through ceilings or walls.

  • Suited for use for metal or also PVC pipes.
  • The liner must be placed at a minimum of 32mm inside the pipe to allow for the fan sprocket.
  • Self-adhesive design for ease of application inside pipes. Peel the strip and apply.

In effect, the intumescent will expand under heat to seal off the pipe, thus preventing fire spread. The intumescent liner provides a 1-hour fire rating, able to compartmentalise fires to prevent spreading into different areas of a building. By slowing the spread of fires, occupants are able to safely escape homes and buildings via a fire escape route. Occupants are then able to contact fire rescue services to safely extinguish fires before they spread.

Intumescent liners are suitable to use in conjunction with CLVM Clippers, as well as Intumescent Sleeves or LVML Intumescent Ring.

Our electrical and plumbing products meet IET wiring regulations as well as Document B & E of Building Regulations tested to European and British Standards. Browse our full range of electrical and plumbing products.


– For use where toilet ventilation fans are fitted onto fire rated ceilings or walls, providing up to 2 hours protection

– Simple installation, allowing the pipe to be slid down onto the unit

– Will last a lifetime in-situ and will not degrade or deteriorate.

Application Instructions

Take unit and push into prepared hole in ceiling or wall.
Fasten in position with supplied pins, 2 to side and 2 in the bottom holes.
Slide the PVC or flexible PVC pipe down the unit.

Order References / Sizes


Ref                                                           Pipe Internal Diameter

LV 50/1                                                   50mm   (1 hour protection)

LV 75/1                                                   75mm   (1 hour protection)

LV 98/1                                                   98mm   (1 hour protection)

LV 100/1                                                  100mm   (1 hour protection)

LV 100/2                                                  100mm   (2 hours protection)

LV 150/1                                                  150mm   (1 hour protection)

LV 200/1                                                  200mm   (1 hour protection)

LV 225/1                                                  225mm   (1 hour protection)

LV 300/1                                                  300mm   (1 hour protection)