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LV Internal Intumescent Liner for Pipes

Product 33


Intumescent liner for solid pipes in toilets/bathrooms

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Intumescent liner for pipes designed for solid pipes in ceilings or walls. Self-adhesive design for ease of application. The intumescent will expand under heat to seal off the pipe, thus preventing firespread.


– For use where toilet ventilation fans are fitted onto fire rated ceilings or walls, providing up to 2 hours protection

– Simple installation, allowing the pipe to be slid down onto the unit

– Will last a lifetime in-situ and will not degrade or deteriorate.

Application Instructions

Take unit and push into prepared hole in ceiling or wall.
Fasten in position with supplied pins, 2 to side and 2 in the bottom holes.
Slide the PVC or flexible PVC pipe down the unit.

Order References / Sizes


Ref                                                           Diameter

LV 50/1                                                   50mm   (1 hour protection)

LV 75/2                                                   75mm   (1 hour protection)

LV 98/3                                                   98mm   (1 hour protection)

LV 100/1                                                  100mm   (1 hour protection)

LV 100/2                                                  100mm   (2 hours protection)

LV 150/1                                                  150mm   (1 hour protection)

LV 200/1                                                  200mm   (1 hour protection)

LV 225/1                                                  225mm   (1 hour protection)

LV 300/1                                                  300mm   (1 hour protection)