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Firoblok Intumescent toilet/bathroom ventilation outlet

Product 33


Fire resistant sleeve and ventilation system to protect ventilation ducting in bathrooms

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A fibre-free intumescent sleeve which allows the expansion and contraction of ventilation ducting. Effective bathroom ventilation that protects against fire, smoke and corrosion. Also included in the range is the CLVM Clipper, a ventilation outlet designed for toilet vents. 140mm pipe section fits tightly inside the end of the ventilation pipe and a circular outlet, and then screwed into the wall or ceiling. Has intumescent at both ends to seal off ventilation systems in a fire.


– For use where toilet ventilation fans are fitted onto fire rated ceilings or walls, providing up to 2 hours protection- Simple installation, allowing the pipe to be slid down onto the unit
– Will last a lifetime in-situ and will not degrade or deteriorate.

Application Instructions

Peel off the backing paper to reveal the self-adhesive strip on the back of the LV intumescent liner.
Push the LV liner inside the pipe, leave 30mm clear for the ventilation grille to be inserted if necessary.
Press on the LV liner to fix in position using theb self-adhesive strip. Any overlap can be trimmed using a sharp knife.
Affix the protection label adjacent to the protected service.

Order References / Sizes

(F) Firoblok Sleeve

Ref                                              Fan/Vent Outside Diameter                           Cut Hole Diameter approx

EC  80                                                          80mm                                                               95mm

EC100                                                        100mm                                                             118mm

EC125                                                        125mm                                                             140mm

EC150                                                        150mm                                                             170mm