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Insulation liner for metal consumer units (SLM)

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Intumescent lining will prevent metal consumer units from becoming live due to loose connection and live supply touching the case.

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Insulation Liner

In recent years, there has been an increase in fires developing from consumer units. Consumer units pose a great risk of becoming live due to overheated loose cables. Cables that also haven’t been properly earthed create a serious electrical hazard. An insulation liner for consumer units prevents serious fires caused by overheated cables and circuits.

Placing our insulation liner inside the unit prevents the spread of fires by expanding when exposed to heat and creating a protective layer. Manufactured with intumescent, the insulation liner forms a protective layer within consumer units by expanding when exposed to heat. Peel the backing strip and place it on the top, sides and bottom of the unit, protecting the cable entry. Available in varying sizes, but will fit into standard size consumer units and other electrical units.

This range also offers ECU CoversInsulating LinersIntumescent Sleeves as well as Enviroburst tubes for full fire protection for consumer units. These products are also suitable with meter boxes, distribution boards and units housing electrical cables.

Our electrical and plumbing products meet IET wiring regulations as well as Document B & E of Building Regulations tested to European and British Standards. Browse our full range of electrical and plumbing products.

Order References / Sizes

Insulation Liner for metal consumer unit


SLM1         100mm x 300mm
SLM2         150mm x 300mm
SLM3         100mm x 400mm
SLM4         200mm x 300mm