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ECU Fire Protection System for Distribution Boards

Product 20


Fire resistant cover with intumescent lining to protect electrical consumer units

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ECU fire protection system lined with intumescent cloth, also includes a metal enclosure for safety. Fixes around existing plastic electrical consumer units. Provides effective fire protection in the event of overheating cables.
IET Wiring Regulations states that consumer units require being “of non-combustible material, or enclosed in a cabinet or enclosure constructed of non-combustible material”.
Our covers provide an effective as well as economical solution. Furthermore, it upgrades existing combustible consumer units in line with regulations without replacement.


– Designed to protect consumer units, fuseboxes, and switch boxes along escape routes such as staircases or corridors for up to 1 hour

– A versatile preventative measure for overheating electrical boxes, complying with Amendment 3 of BS7671:2008

– Access hatch to the unit can be hinged to open to the side or to drop downwards, dependent on requirements

Application Instructions

The Intumescent Electrical Consumer Unit Fire Protection System simply
fits over the existing unit and is then fixed with screws. Small holes can be made in the
frame to allow for conduits or ducting. In the event of a fire the intumescent material
will fill these gaps for complete fire protection. You will need to allow a 30mm
minimum clearance on all sides for connections.

Order References / Sizes

REF                                             INTERNAL                                                                    EXTERNAL

                               WIDTH           HEIGHT           DEPTH                        WIDTH           HEIGHT           DEPTH                    

ECU2                    340mm           480mm           180mm                       390mm           530mm           180mm

ECU3                    580mm           280mm           180mm                       630mm           330mm           180mm

ECU4                    390mm           280mm           180mm                       440mm           330mm           180mm

ECU5                    330mm           260mm           130mm                       380mm           310mm           130mm

ECU6                    410mm           245mm           140mm                       460mm           295mm           140mm

ECU9                    500mm           480mm           200mm                       550mm           530mm           200mm