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Retrofit acoustic seal – Surface mounted seals

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A range of surface-mounted seals to provide acoustic, draught, smoke and weather protection

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Retrofit Acoustic Seal

Retrofit acoustic seal, 2100mm long smoke, retrofit acoustic seal holder with a standard anodised aluminium finish.

  • Suited for doors as well as windows to provide acoustic, smoke, weather, and draught protection.
  • Also available in plastic, in white, brown, or black as standard.
  • The holder is able to accommodate various smoke seals, including brushes, acoustic tubes, and angled or straight rubber blades.
  • Can also provide protection around glass doors.

1-1½mm of the brush or rubber seal, held within the holder. Brush with fin is always ½mm higher than a regular brush. Make allowance for this when specifying.

See order references for all available order options.

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– Gives full acoustic, draught, smoke and weather protection

– Can be fitted onto door frames or down the centre stiles of doors

– Can be fitted around casement or sash windows and glass doors

– Can also be used to provide protection around glass doors

Application Instructions

To fit the self-adhesive seal, simply peel off the backing material to reveal the adhesive tape and press to the door frame where required. Secure with the panel pins supplied by fixing at each end and then at 300mm intervals along the length of the seal.

Case Studies

  • Perfect Partners at Gosfield Hall

    Door fire protection products used at Gosfield Hall, Essex

Order References / Sizes

Smoke seal holders

Ref              Description                                                   Length

ES/SH         Anodised aluminium holder with seal            2100mm

ES/SP         PVC holder                                                     2100mm

Smoke, draught, acoustic and weather seals

Simply add the following suffixes to the above seal holder references, making sure to specify required seal size.

Ref           Seal type           Sizes

/B             Brush                  5mm, 7mm, 10mm

/T             Tubular rubber    6mm, 9mm

/A             Angled rubber     6mm, 9mm

/S             Straight rubber    5mm, 7mm, 9mm

/V             Rubber “V”          6mm

Please note: Brush and rubber seals are embedded approximately 1-1.5mm into the holder, so they will protrude 1-1.5mm less into the  opening (i.e. a 5mm seal will actually protrude 3.5-4mm only). Please bear this in mind when specifying this product.