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Surface mounted, brush smoke seals

Product 72


Brush smoke seals which are surface-mounted onto existing fire doors

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Surface-mounted black, brown, grey, or white brush smoke seals. Can be supplied either with or without polypropylene blade and with or without self-adhesive backing. 1050mm lengths or supplied in rolls up to 200m long.


– For use where intumescent seals are already fitted and smoke sealing is required- Panel pins are supplied for additional fixing
– Brush seals without self-adhesive backing can be fitted into draught seal holders
– Can be used for sliding door and windows

Application Instructions

To fit the self-adhesive seal, simply peel off the backing material to reveal the adhesive tape and press
to the door frame down the edge of the rebate. Secure with the panel pins supplied by fixing at each
end and then at 300mm intervals along the length of the seal. Brush seals without self-adhesive backing
can be fitted into draught seal holders.

Order References / Sizes

ES/SS05                                5mm brush 1050mm lengths

ES/SS05/R                            5mm brush roll form per metre

ES/SS05/S                            5mm brush single door set

ES/SS05/D                            5mm brush double door set

ES/SS07                                7mm brush 1050mm lengths

ES/SS07/R                            7mm brush roll form per metre

ES/SS07/S                            7mm brush single door set

ES/SS07/D                            7mm brush double door set

ES/SS10                                10mm brush 1050mm lengths

ES/SS10/R                            10mm brush roll form per metre

ES/SS10/S                            10mm brush single door set

ES/SS10/D                           10mm brush double door set

*Add /N to end of reference to order seal(s) without self-adhesive backing tape.