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Mould-blocking fire paint

Product 158


Mould-blocking and fire resistant coating system with variants suitable for internal and external use.

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Mould Blocking & Fire Protection

A new Envirograf Mouldblok System is a mould-blocking fire paint for walls and ceilings. Our system comprises three products:

Mouldblok AP

is an initial coating to be applied onto internal walls by brush or by wiping over.  It provides a key for the next fire protection coating of the system. You must use rubber gloves when applying this coating and you must take care be keep it off the skin and away from eyes during application. With these simple precautions, it is quick and easy to apply and dry.

Mouldblok FR

is a fire protection coating which you can apply onto internal walls and ceilings, including lath and plaster surfaces. Tested to BS476 Part 20 (1987) to give up to one hour of fire protection. You can apply this mould-blocking fire paint brush or roller and you must use rubber gloves. You should take care to keep it off the skin and away from eyes during application.

Mouldblok EX

is a mould-blocking fire paint for external walls to protect against damp and mould. You can brush or roller it on and you must use rubber gloves. You should take care to keep it off the skin and away from eyes during application. Simple to use and very effective.


  • MOULDBLOK AP Primer is clear.
  • MOUDBLOK FR and MOULDBLOK EX are white as standard but other colours are available on request.


Please ensure your order is correct before purchasing MOULDBLOK. To speak to one of our advisors, please call 01304 842555.

We provide an extensive range of fireproof coatings, intumescent paint, wallpaper, and sprays compatible with a range of materials. Explore our Fireproof Coatings online.

Envirograf ® passive fire products carry the hallmark of excellence, reflecting the high standards that prevail in its laboratory, test rig, and manufacturing plant. Envirograf® passive fire products are subject to rigorous quality control which, at all stages, ensures products remain at the leading edge of fire containment technology. This quality has earned the company and its passive fire products a high reputation. With its operating system accredited to ISO9001.




Protects from mould

Provides 1 hour of integrity and insulation

Simple to use, easy to apply

Application Instructions

Clean all walls or ceilings, taking off any loose paint and removing all wall or ceiling paper. Any grooves or cracks in the ceiling or walls can be made good with Envirograf® Intumescent Cement – Product 63 or AM Intumescent Mastic – Product 58. The approximate drying time is 1 hour.


Case Studies

  • A Quality Finish at Kilworth House Hotel

    Range of passive fire protection products used at Kilworth House Hotel.

  • Fire protection for barn conversion

    Intumescent coatings helping to conform to current fire regulations.

Order References / Sizes

MOULDBLOK AP  Mould-Resistant Adhesion Primer

Ref                     Volume

MB/AP/1         1 litre

MB/AP/2.5      2.5 litres

MB/AP/5         5 litres

MB/AP/10       10 litres

MOULDBLOK FR Mould-Resistant Fire Retardant Coat

Ref                     Volume

MB/FR/1            1 litre

MB/FR/2.5         2.5 litres

MB/FR/5            5 litres

MB/FR/10          10 litres

MOULDBLOK EX Mould-Resistant External Wall Coat

Ref                     Volume

MB/EX/1         1 litre

MB/EX/2.5      2.5 litres

MB/EX/5         5 litres

MB/EX/10       10 litres