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Fireproof coatings for slabs

Product 86


White intumescent coating to upgrade the fire rating of fire-resistant rock fibre slabs to 4 hours integrity

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A white intumescent coating for application to rock fibre slabs and non-fibrous slabs (Products 4 and 5). Upgrades their existing fire rating considerably. Intumescent expands under heat thus providing fire protection. Also provides additional fire protection for applications such as sealing around service penetrations.


– Ideal for improving the fire rating of ordinary rock fibre slabs, converting them into an effective fire-stopping barrier or penetration seal

– The slab coat is solvent free and ready to use

– Can be used in conjunction with Envirograf Products 4, 5, 40 and 41, as well as for sealing around joints in penetrations

Application Instructions

Can be brush or trowel applied.
Joints can be sealed using Slab Coat in a mastic cartridge.
Tools can be cleaned in warm water.
Apply to either high density RW6 rock fibre slabs or Envirograf® Products 4 and 5 (high density fireproof sponge) to provide extra fire protection.

Order References / Sizes

Ref                  Volume

CS-1L              1 litre

CS-2.5L          2.5 litres

CS-5L              5 litres

CS-10L           10 litres