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Intumescent Cement Filler

Product 63


Intumescent cement filler which sets hard without cracking and expands in a fire

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Intumescent Cement Filler

Intumescent cement filler, a buff coloured ready-mixed cement filler that hardens when set. Similar to normal cement, however, does not crack. In a fire, it will expand to five times its original volume.

  • Ideal for application around pipes, services, and behind door frames. Also, filling in small holes as well as cracks.
  • Additionally, to fill cracks in ceilings and walls before applying Envirograf® Product 84.
  • Application by trowel or spatula.
  • Also, can paint over once dried and hardened.

In fire resistance testing, used in conjunction with PVE/A foam around cables and pipes. Employed the general procedures and criteria of BS476 part 22 (1987), subsequently achieving integrity of 130 minutes.

Supplied in 310ml tubes.

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Envirograf ® passive fire products carry the hallmark of excellence, reflecting the high standards that prevail in its laboratory, test rig, and manufacturing plant. Envirograf ® passive fire products are subject to rigorous quality control which, at all stages, ensures products remain at the leading edge of fire containment technology. This quality has earned the company and its passive fire products a high reputation, with its operating system being accredited to ISO9001.


– Can provide upo to 130 minutes fire protection- Ideal for applying around pipes, services and behind door frames where fire and smoke sealing is required
– Can be used as a facing top coat over PVE/A Foam (Product 44)
– Ideal for filling small gaps and cracks in plasterboard prior to applying our Fireproof Paper (Product 84)

Application Instructions

Envirograf® Intumescent Cement Filler can be applied directly into holes and gaps using the 310ml tube then a trowel or spatula can be used to smooth surface. Alternatively it can be applied using trowel or spatula. When dry, it becomes hard like cement and can be painted over.
Tools can be cleaned in warm water.

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CF                                           310ml                                    Natural