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Premises Information Box (PIB)

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Metal box lined with intumescent to protect building plans and other important documents

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Premises Information Boxes (PIBs)

Premises Information Box  – A legal requirement since 23 January 2023 for certain high-rise residential buildings in England to have a secure information box installed on the premises. Our Premises Information Boxes are a lockable metal box, with removable intumescent glass cloth fire protection bag.

Designed to hold the Emergency Response Pack (ERP) which includes building plans and other important documents.  In the event of a fire, this will supply fire and rescue services access to important information about a building . Therefore, in effect protecting from irreversible fire damage.

Additionally, the flexible bag features a fire retardant covering and closes with steel press studs. Our Premises Information Box complies with requirements laid down in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, thus making it ideal for use by fire officers. Would suit a reception area or with a fitted alarm for external use to deter vandals.

  • SPB/INT/1 – Dimensions: 375mm x 360mm x 90mm. Additionally including padlock hasp, flexible inner case.
  • SPB/INT/1B – Dimensions: 375mm x 360mm x 90mm. Also with, padlock hasp, flexible inner case, “Break Glass” key holder

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– Ideal for holding building plans for the fire brigade and your RRO report according to the 2005 UK requirements

– The box is fitted with a lock for safety purposes

– Would suit a reception area or with a fitted alarm for external use to deter vandals

– Flexible, fire retardant bags can also be used to store important items such as CDs, batteries or other necessary documentation

Application Instructions

Secure to wall in suitable location. Use the fireproof document pouch inside to hold important detailed information about the whole building and risk areas. The plan box can be easily accessed by fire officers.

Order References / Sizes

Ref                   Dimensions (WxHxD)             Features

SPB/INT/1       375mm x 360mm x 90mm     Padlock hasp, flexible inner case

SPB/INT/1B    375mm x 360mm x 90mm     Padlock hasp, flexible inner case, “Break Glass” key holder