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Soffit Board Intumescent Ventilators

Product 89


Metal ventilation grilles to prevent flame penetration in soffits, ideal for loft conversions

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Intumescent vents for soffit board to fit as new grilles, or also to replace existing plastic vents fitted to soffits. Designed to allow ventilation to loft spaces, whilst preventing external flames from entering roof space from fires in rooms below.


– Circular or rectangular grilles containing intumescent material that seals the vent openings in the event of a fire

– Designed to protect roof space from flames and hot gases that may enter from broken or open windows below

– Ideal for loft conversions, particularly for use over high-risk rooms such as kitchens

Application Instructions

Rectangular grille – push recess into opening in soffit board and secure in place. Available 72mm x 215mm overall to suit 47mm x 215mm opening. (Other sizes can be made to suit – prices on request)

Circular grille – push recess into opening in soffit board. Available 82mm diameter overall to suit 68mm hole diameter. (Other sizes can be made to suit – prices on request)

Order References / Sizes

Circular grille

Ref                     External diameter           Opening diameter

ES/SV/CIRC      82mm                                68mm

Rectangular grilles

Ref                        External dimensions            Opening dimensions

ES/SV/RECT        72mm x 215mm                     47mm x 215mm

ES/SV/RECL        70mm x 590mm                     50mm x 540mm