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Intumescent block grilles

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Slim-profile, versatile intumescent block grilles for use in ceilings, doors, walls or ducting

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Non-clogging block grilles, giving 90% free ventilation area which seals up completely in a fire. Consists of metal plates clad in intumescent and covered in foil, with a wire mesh frontage. These come in an extensive range of sizes and made specially to order. Standard depth of 38mm.


– For use in fire barrier walls and ceilings, doors and duct openings

– Provides an effective fire seal for up to 4 hours, whilst offering free air movement

– Standard grille is square, but a circular version can be made to order if required

Application Instructions

Order the block grille to suit the opening to be protected. The block grille simply pushes into
place. Mastic or silicone sealant can be used around the edges if required. Grilles can be made
with lugs to screw into place for ceiling applications if required. Any type of grille front can be
used or Envirograf front plates can be supplied (available in standard sizes or can be made to
New Block Grille – this is a complete unit with front plate attached. Block grille section pushes
into the opening and the whole unit is secured in place with screws through the attached front

Case Studies

Order References / Sizes

All block grilles are 38mm thick, giving up to 4 hours of fire protection. Can be made to other sizes and shapes.

Standard Sizes available from 100mm x 100mm up to 500mm x 500mm

Please Note: These are not stock items, although they can normally be made within 24 hours


NEW-STYLE BLOCK GRILLE – SIZES FROM 100mm TO 300mm. Complete with face plate.

NBG100                100mm x 100mm

NBG200                200mm x 200mm

NBG300                 300mm x 300mm


Other sizes made to order.