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New Style Intumescent Block Grille

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All-in-one intumescent block grille with faceplates

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New Style All-in-One Block Grille

Fitted with intumescent into the plate, giving a much larger airflow, providing over 40% free ventilation area. The intumescent plate is fitted on the risk side, however, the grille provides protection on either side. Other sizes made to order.

Specially designed passive fire range to meet Document B of Building Regulations, and also tested to European Standards. For more information, browse our full range of ventilation products online.


– Provides over 40% free ventilation area

– Tested to EN1363-1 (2012), achieving integrity of 60 minutes

Also tested to EN1364-5 (2017)


Case Studies

Order References / Sizes

NEW-STYLE BLOCK GRILLE – SIZES FROM 100mm TO 300mm. Complete with faceplate.


Reference              To Suit Hole Size                  External Grille Size

NBG100                100mm x 100mm                  160mm x 160mm

NBG200                200mm x 200mm                260mm x 260mm

NBG300                300mm x 300mm                360mm x 360mm


Other sizes made to order.