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Intumescent glazing strips

Product 77


Fire-rated strips for protecting the edges of glazing in timber or metal doors and partitioning

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2mm-thick, compressible intumescent glazing strips with self-adhesive tape backing. Supplied in 10m long rolls. Designed for use in conjunction with fire-rated glazing and compatible with a wide variety of door and window types. Available in white, black, brown, red or grey. Supplied in 10m rolls.


– Used in steel doors, wood doors, and partitioning to provide up to 65 minutes fire protection

– Strips are fitted to beads each side of the fire-rated glazing

– The 2mm-thick seal can be compressed to 0.5mm to fit smaller gaps without compromising its performance

Application Instructions

The strips are fitted to beads each side of the fire rated glazing. Although the seal is 2mm thick, it will compress to 0.5mm while not affecting its performance. For 30 minutes glazing 10mm or 15mm beads must be fixed with 36mm panel pins at 200mm centres. For 60 minute glazing 20 – 25mm beads using 60mm No8 CS steel screws at 200mm centres to fix. Grip the self-adhesive backing strip and separate the protective paper from the adhesive. Pull along for a few centimetres to expose the adhesive surface ready for adhering onto the glazing beads. Attach the intumescent strip to the face of the bead, peeling away additional backing paper as necessary. Fix beads in place with the glazing strips towards the glass.

Order References / Sizes

Ref           Width        Fire rating

G8/10       8mm          30 minutes

G10/10    10mm         30 minutes

G15/10    15mm         30 minutes

G20/10    20mm         60 minutes

G23/10    23mm         60 minutes

All of the above items are supplied in 2mm-thick, 10m rolls.