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Glass Protector Rail (Etched or Stained)

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Protective rail to affix fire rated glass in front of stained or etched glass windows

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Protector Rail for Etched or Stained Glass

Glass protector rail, consists of a 2100mm long metal trim in standard finishes of brown or white. Additionally, other colours are available.

  • The trim is complete with pre-fixed intumescent seals. These seals will expand when exposed to fire, therefore preventing fire and smoke spread.
  • Additionally, apply to the framed area with the screws supplied.
  • Designed to hold wired or clear fire glass behind existing decorative glass. Giving 30 mins or 60 mins fire protection and allowing the decorative glass to remain undisturbed.
  • Other sizes and finishes can be made to order.

At Envirograf® we produce passive fire products that are essential for fire-rated glazing panels. Browse more of our Glazing Products online.

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– The protector rail will hold clear Georgian wire glass, laminated glass or ceramic fire rated glass in front of the decorative glazed panels, giving 30 or 60 minutes protection

– Can also be supplied in curved sections or arches

– Comes in brown or white as standard, but can be made to other colours as required

Application Instructions

Where decorative glass or plain glass windows require 30 minute or 60 minute fire protection,
Envirograf® have developed a metal trim to surface mount onto the risk side of the partition or
door to take Northern Wired Plain Clear – 6mm – 30 minute glass or Pilkington Clear Wired
Glass for 60 minute protection and CGI Glass.
The section as shown below is easily installed. Intumescent A is already fitted to the Stained
Glass Protector. Intumescent B needs to be fitted to the opposite side of the glass. Then the
unit needs to be fitted as below.

Order References / Sizes

Ref                  Length

GP                   2100mm