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Intumescent door stop for fire and smoke protection

Product 97

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Door stop with intumescent fire and smoke seal for single or double doors

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Intumescent Door Stop

Intumescent door stop, designed to upgrade doors and replace existing wooden door stops, to give 30/60 minutes of fire and smoke protection. Used in new installations as a totally surface-mounted doorstop and smoke seal. Alternatively, the intumescent section can be routed into the door frame lining, with a rebate of 50mm x 3mm deep.

  • Moulding available in black, brown, or white, ready for staining.
  • Supplied as standard with a 5mm brush smoke seal.
  • Ideal for the most vulnerable doors, including non-fire-rated doors, such as dining room and kitchen.

Furthermore, see Product 73 for alternative seals. All seals give smoke and draught protection.

Fire door seals help to protect property from not only fire, but also, smoke, acoustics, drafts, and weather. Browse our full range of Fire Door Seals online.

Envirograf® passive fire products carry the hallmark of excellence, reflecting the high standards that prevail in its laboratory, test rig, and manufacturing plant. Envirograf® passive fire products are subject to rigorous quality control which, at all stages, ensures products remain at the leading edge of fire containment technology. This quality has earned the company and its passive fire products a high reputation. With its operating system accredited to ISO9001.


– Designed to upgrade normal hollow-core doors and to replace existing wooden door stops, or used in conjunction with fire-rated doors to maintain integrity

– Can be fitted with acoustic seals which also serve as draught and smoke seals

– Provides up to 68 minutes integrity and insulation when used in a fire door

Application Instructions

Remove the backing from the self-adhesive strip on the back edge of the seal, then position and finish with the panel pins supplied.
Can be used for new installations, as a combined surface-mounted doorstop, brush smoke seal and intumescent fire seal. Alternatively the intumescent section can be routed into the door frame lining, with a rebate of 3mm deep x 50mm wide. The standard smoke seal supplied is a 5mm brush. Rubber seals may also be used (see technical data sheet.) This product should be fitted to the most vulnerable doors (including non-fire-rated doors) such as dining room and kitchen. The smoke seal helps to ensure a fire escape route free from smoke and the intumescent seals the gap between the door and frame to inhibit the spread of fire.

Order References / Sizes

Ref                  Description                      Contents

DSU/S             Single door set                  2 x 2100mm lengths, 1 x 1050mm length

DSU/D             Double door set                3 x 2100mm lengths, 1 x surface mounted closing stile seal