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Flexible Foiled Rainscreen Cavity Barrier

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Rainscreen cavity barriers with washer or bracket fixings for facade cladding systems.

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Flexible Foiled Cavity Barrier (RS/WB, RS/VWB/ & RS/WB/CV)

Flexible foiled cavity barrier consisting of intumescent coated cloth on a galvanised mesh. Made with or without ventilation and drainage holes, used both vertically and horizontally.

  • RS/WB/B – non-ventilated
  • RS/VWB/B – ventilated with ventilation holes, either, 1, 2, or 3 holes according to the width of the barrier
  • RS/WB/CV/B – with an intumescent strip on the face to allow the barrier to have airflow opening up to 100mm. The intumescent strip expands in a fire, filling the opening.
Specify the overall cavity size and required ventilation gap when ordering.

Cavity Barriers are pieces of fire-stopping material. They fit within the cavity of a building at each floor horizontally and party wall in a verticle position. The material provides compartmentation. Both the flames and heat cannot be transferred to other compartmental areas. Throughout the life of the building, the Cavity Barrier will remain fixed in place. In the event of a fire, the intumescent material expands and seals off the gaps. Additionally, the horizontal barriers allow for a ventilation gap within the cavity. Subsequently closing when the intumescent expands.

Our Cavity Barrier range at Envirograf® offers superb protection to your building by providing fire stopping. Explore the Cavity Barrier range online.


– Barriers have a slim profile without compromising fire rating – will still protect for up to 2 hours
– Non-fibrous, dust-free and easy to install with washers or brackets
– The entire RS range can be fitted vertically or horizontally
– Tested to BS EN 1363-1 (1999), achieving up to 132 minutes protection.
– Tested to BS476 Part 20, achieving up to 66 minutes protection.

Case Studies

  • RSM cavity barriers in a prestigious London project

    RSM cavity barrier used at Eagle House, 161 City Road, London

  • Living the High Life on Finchley Road

    Rainscreen cavity barriers used to protect concealed cavities between cladding.

Order References / Sizes

Rainscreen Barriers (available in 1metre or 2metre lengths)

WASHERS                                           BRACKETS

RS/WB/W80                                       RS/WB/B80                         (80mm)

RS/WB/W120                                     RS/WB/B120                      (120mm)

RS/WB/W150                                     RS/WB/B150                      (150mm)

RS/WB/W200                                     RS/WB/B200                      (200mm)

RS/WB/250                                         RS/WB/B250                      (250mm)

RS/WB/W300                                     RS/WB/B300                      (300mm)

RS/WB/W350                                     RS/WB/B350                      (350mm)


Ventilated Rainscreen Barriers

WASHERS                                           BRACKETS

RS/VWB/W150                                  RS/WB/B150                      (150mm)

RS/VWB/W200                                  RS/WB/B200                      (200mm)

RS/VWB/W250                                  RS/WB/B250                      (250mm)

RS/VWB/W300                                  RS/WB/B300                      (300mm)

RS/VWB/W350                                  RS/WB/B350                      (350mm)

RS/VWB/W400                                  RS/WB/B400                      (400mm)


Rainscreen Barriers with CV Strip – Bracket Fixings

RS/WB/CV/B150               (150mm)

RS/WB/CV/B200               (200mm)

RS/WB/CV/B250               (250mm)

RS/WB/CV/B300               (300mm)

RS/WB/CV/B350               (350mm)


Rainscreen Barriers with added moisture penetration protection

Add/MR to reference when ordering.