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Cavity Barriers with Rodent Protection (VWB/M)

Product 55


[ VWB/M ]
Rodent protection cavity barriers. Offers fire protection and also protection from rodents getting into the cavity

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[ VWB/M ] Rodent protection cavity barriers
The VWB/M cavity barrier is designed for the bottom edge cavity of timber framed buildings outer cladding sections. Used to stop fire penetration getting behind the boards and wall face, also allowing for both air flow & moisture release.
The VWB/M also offers protection from rodents getting into the cavity. Supplied in 1 metre lengths with standard sizes of 80mm, 100mm, 120mm.

Order References / Sizes

Ventilated – 1 metre length
VWBM50                 50mm
VWBM80                 80mm
VWBM120               120mm

Non-Ventilated – 1 metre length
WBM50                   50mm
WBM80                   80mm
WBM120                 120mm