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Intumescent Bathroom/WC Ventilation Outlet

Product 33


Fire resistant sleeve and ventilation system to protect ventilation ducting in bathrooms


Intumescent Sleeve for Toilet Outlet

A fibre-free intumescent bathroom ventilation sleeve that allows the expansion and contraction of ventilation ducting. It is possible for ventilation units to overheat if not properly maintained. As a result, serious fires can break out within homes and buildings.

Installing an intumescent sleeve for outlets provides effective passive fire protection. In the event of a fire, the intumescent expands to create a fire barrier, able to compartmentalise fire.  Featuring intumescent at both ends to seal off ventilation systems where fire occurs.

  • Intumescent bathroom ventilation is effective bathroom ventilation that protects against fire, smoke and corrosion.
  • Also included in the range is the CLVM Clipper, a ventilation outlet designed for toilet vents. 140mm pipe section fits tightly inside the end of the ventilation pipe and a circular outlet, and then screwed into the wall or ceiling.
  • Intumescent sleeves can also withstand wet conditions of bathroom areas, with its fireproof properties remaining unaffected.

Firoblok Sleeves range is suited for use on pipes including flue pipes, ventilation ducting and cable baskets.

Our electrical and plumbing products meet IET wiring regulations as well as Document B & E of Building Regulations tested to European and British Standards. Browse our full range of electrical and plumbing products.


– For use where toilet ventilation fans are fitted onto fire rated ceilings or walls, providing up to 2 hours protection- Simple installation, allowing the pipe to be slid down onto the unit
– Will last a lifetime in-situ and will not degrade or deteriorate.

Application Instructions

  1. Mark the outline for the FIROBLOK sleeve on the substrate.
  2. Cut out the hole with a powered hole saw or see step 3.
  3. Neatly cut out the hole with a padsaw and clean the edges.
  4. Fit the FIROBLOK sleeve over the vent and fit into the ducting.
  5. Push the assembly back into the substrate until flush.

Order References / Sizes

(F) Firoblok Sleeve

Ref                                              Fan/Vent Outside Diameter                           Cut Hole Diameter approx

EC  80                                                          80mm                                                               95mm

EC100                                                        100mm                                                             118mm

EC125                                                        125mm                                                             140mm

EC150                                                        150mm                                                             170mm