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AVG/F acoustic and fireproof ventilation grille

Product 133


Fireproof vent grille offering fire and acoustic protection, whilst still allowing ventilation

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The AVG/F fireproof ventilation grille consists of two parts, one for each side of the opening. Micro-acoustic material sits within the internal cavity on both sides. Designed with intumescent strips on the two long sides of risk side opening, thus providing high performing fire resistant properties.


– Offers up to 60 minutes protection, as well as sound absorption

– Ideal for use on partition walls and doors to provide ventilation between rooms while preventing sound transfer

Application Instructions

Ensure ventilation aperture is at least 10mm larger than the height between the upper and lower opposing slot limits. Screw grille plates in place on either side of the opening ensuring the ventilation slot is at the top on one side and the bottom on the other so that they are vertically opposite (not directly opposite each other).

Note: the grille plates will protrude by 25mm on each side.

Order References / Sizes

Ref                        Dimensions (HxW)

AVG/F/1515         150mm x 150mm

AVG/F/1530         150mm x 300mm

AVG/F/1540         150mm x 400mm

AVG/F/2020         200mm x 200mm

AVG/F/2030         200mm x 300mm

AVG/F/2040         200mm x 400mm

AVG/F/2525         250mm x 250mm

AVG/F/3030         300mm x 300mm

AVG/F/3535         350mm x 350mm

AVG/F/4040         400mm x 400mm

AVG/F/4545         450mm x 450mm

AVG/F/5050         500mm x 500mm