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Door and Cupboard Vent Units

Product 155


Easy-to install circular vent units to allow airflow through doors whilst providing fire and smoke resistance

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Innovative vent units for doors and cupboards. Ideal for use in areas of airborne moisture, such as bathrooms, cupboards, kitchens, toilets and more. Offers up to one hour of fire protection. Poorly ventilated areas can benefit from mould and damp reduction when vents are installed. Standard sizes are designed to suit door thicknesses from 35mm to 56mm. Available in a white or brown finish.


– A simple yet effective ventilation system which provides a solution to poorly ventilated areas which rely on a single extractor fan

– Ideal for use in areas with high levels of steam and condensation

– Comply with building regulations, allowing them to be used in cupboards housing gas meters

– Other sizes, shapes and colours can be made to order

Application Instructions

The vent grilles are simple to install. Three vents are required across the bottom of the door. Simply cut three holes to suit the vent diameter. Each grille comes in two parts which are then pushed together through the prepared hole with no need for any further fixings.

Standard sized grilles are made to suit door thicknesses from 35mm to 56mm but can also be made to suit thinner doors from 28mm to 45mm.

Order References / Sizes

Ref          Face Diameter     Cut Hole Size     Door Thickness

CVG1          70mm                   55mm                  35mm-56mm

CVG2          90mm                   76mm                  35mm-56mm

CVG3           TBA                       TBA                   28mm-45mm

Other shapes and sizes can be made to order.