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Intumescent liner for letter box

Product 50


Intumescent liners for improving the fire rating of existing letter box apertures.

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An intumescent liner for letter boxes. Comprising two adhesive L-shaped sections fitted into existing mail apertures, thus providing fire protection. Designed with adhesive backing for ease of fixing.


– Provides up to 68 minutes protection- Can be custom made to suit a range of aperture sizes
– Suitable for fitting to doors from 38mm to 70mm thick
– Liner can be easily cut to size to fit the opening

Application Instructions

2 L-shaped sections supplied with double sided tape on the back. Place long section on top of
the side section and cut both angles to length. Peel off double sided tape and adhere to the
inside of the opening. It is advisable to put panel pins into both side pieces. A bare wood aperture must be sealed with paint or wood sealer before fixing the liner.

Order References / Sizes

LBL1    (85 x 340mm)

LBL2   (65 x 290mm)

LBL3   (39 x 254mm)