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Fire Door Animal Flap (fireproof frame only)

Product 118


Metal frame with a fireproof drop curtain, to fit over existing Staywell animal door flaps providing upto 60minutes of fire and smoke protection.



£0.00 ex. Vat



Fire Protection for Pet Entrance Flaps

Fire door animal flap, a metal frame that houses a fireproof drop curtain material. In a fire, the intumescent material will expand, therefore filling the hole. See the price list and order reference tab for all available options.

  • Designed for standard cat and dog flaps
  • Standard finishes are brown, white, and also grey
  • Furthermore, each unit supplied has its own hole cutting requirements
  • Gives up to 60 minutes of fire and smoke protection after the release of a thermal link when the temperature reaches 70°C (approximately 4 minutes into the fire)

Additionally, this product is ideal for use in fire-rated doors in apartments and houses. Also part of the range is a new access hatch to be fitted into fire barrier curtains in loft spaces, allowing bats to safely pass through whilst providing fire protection.

Please Note: Product 118 Animal Door Flap Protection is not suitable for use with aluminium animal door flap units.

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– Fitted with drop down curtain, allowing smooth and easy passage for the animal

– Gives up to 60 minutes of fire and smoke protection after the release of a thermal link when the temperature reaches 70°C (approximately 4 minutes into the fire)

– Ideal for use in fire-rated doors in apartments and houses

– The bat flap is designed to allow protected bat species access to nests in buildings, and is fitted with a thermal link which will activate the drop curtain to seal the opening in a fire

Application Instructions

A rectangular or square opening is cut into the door or wall as specified for the particular unit
(Petsafe/Staywell etc.) For example, for an opening of 348mm x 225mm specified by the flap
manufacturer, the opening for the Envirograf® fire protection unit would need to be cut to
408mm x 285mm. Each unit supplied has its own hole cutting requirements and these should
be checked when ordering. (See technical data sheet or price list for full range of sizes)
The Envirograf® fire protection unit is supplied in two sections. The first part fits into the outside
of the door or wall and has four fixing screws. The second part fits through the inside of the
opening, into the first part and also has four fixing screws. The original branded cat/dog flap
then screws to the face of the Envirograf® fire protection unit so it will be necessary to drill
small holes in the metal face of the unit for the screws from the cat/dog flap.

Order References / Sizes

Animal door flap protectors

Ref      Staywell flap type                  Flap cutout size         Flap protector cutout size

FP01   Series 300/400/500              168mm x 175mm        238mm x 245mm

FP02                                                    245mm x 150mm        315mm x 220mm

FP03                                                    348mm x 225mm        418mm x 295mm

FP04                                                    451mm x 277mm        522mm x 348mm

FP05                                                    642mm x 366mm        733mm x 457mm

FP06   Series 700 (Small)                  185mm x 158mm        255mm x 228mm

FP07   Series 700 (Medium)             281mm x 237mm        350mm x 305mm

FP08   Series 700 (Large)                  370mm x 314mm        440mm x 385mm

FP10   Series 900                              169mm x 169mm        241mm x 241mm

FP11                                                    251mm x 251mm        323mm x 323mm

FP12                                                    210mm x 227mm        281mm x 298mm


Bat flap protector with thermal link

Ref                           Dimensions (WxH)

BATFLAP1               300mm x 160mm